Winter School Holiday Workshops – July 2016

Puppetry Workshops – Monsters and marionette puppets took over the halls of SEA. Students made monster puppets with artist Sandy O’Doherty.
Monster Mash: 12th July
Strings and Things: 13th July

 Aerial Fun – A social aerial class offered young people a chance to hang around with circus artist Cassy Turner. Students were taught tricks on the silks and trapeze which culminated in a little performance opportunity.
Tuesday 5th July.

Street Acrobatics – Introduced young people to the fast pace of Parkour and the fun of slack lining. Zak Launay inspired young people to flip, jump, tumble and roll over anything that stands in their way.
Thursday 7th & Thursday 14th July


Taking It To The Streets – September 2015

Perth street performer Hardy McMurrick and SEA puppetry artist Sandy O Doherty
helped young participants create characters for Heaspace Mental Health Week. The roving ‘Tea Team’  performed at the Mad Hatters Tea Party for Mental Health week at the Albany Town Square.


Headspace “R U OK?” Filming – 2015

This was a pilot project in partnership with Albany Headspace to create a short film to
encourage young people to check in with their mates about mental health support and
referral. SEA artist Anne Sorenson, and Headspace community engagement officer Natalie
Gardiner, work-shopped a short film with a number of SEA theatre students, who created
the script and the storyboard for filming.


Gravity & Other Myths Circus Workshop – April 2014

The award winning circus performance group Gravity and Other Myths held a special workshop for all students aged 12-18 – who bought a ticket to their show Freefall.
Wednesday 17 April 2013.



Circus Workshops – Jan 2013

Phoebe Carlson, NICA student and former SEA Member came to Albany to share some of her skills and experience gained at NICA with SEA’s students. She taught acrobatics, tumbling and aerial skills at intermediate to advanced levels.
7th – 11th January 2013


Hip Hop Havoc – April 2012

Multitalented musician and dancer, Moondog J delivered another hip hop workshop during School Holidays. He has just returned from Christmas Island where he joined up with Optamus to work with the locals on music and dance. Jeremy included a cipher session this time, which is beatboxing, rapping and rhyming together with dancing and freestylin. Beatboxing is when participants get to make cool noises into the microphone and create the beat, which others can then dance or rap to!
17-19th April 2012


School Holiday Workshops – April 2016

Fearless Creation – Students painted an interactive mural evolving all week with students adding their own creativity. With local young artist Max Groszewski.
Tues, Wed & Thurs 12th-14th April

“I AM” – Fabulous local Gertrude Wellease guided students to explore an inner character using colour, dress ups and makeup.
Tuesday 19th April

Aerial Arts – Experience the trapeze and enjoy being upside down in the air.
Thursday 21st April

Make a Puppet – Students designed, made, played and took home their very own puppet.
Wednesday 20th April


Aerial Arts workshop with Amy Hastie – April 2015

Regionally based aerial artist, Amy Hastie, delivered a very popular aerial program as an extension workshops for our circus program.
April School Holidays 2015.

Steampunk Costume Making – April 2014

Renowned Fashion and Costume Designer Zoe Trottman spent 3 days teaching local aspiring fashion designers to construct a steampunk top hat.


Steps Youth Dance: Dance Workshop – August 2014

This Free dance workshop was presented by STEPS Youth Dance Company. The workshop, p Presented by professional dancer Alice Lee Holland

covered contemporary dance and choreography.  and Natasha Rolfe to reunite.
Wednesday 27th August, 2014.


Physical Theatre Workshops – July 2013

Chris Mayhew and Ralf Rauker brought together circus and theatre presenting acrobatics and Meyerhold’s Biomechanics technique. Based on previous developments during individual workshops, this program worked on performance and body manipulation techniques as well as building new skills and tricks. Culminating in showing of outcomes in mini performance.
8th -12th July.


Drama Workshops – March 2013

Meyerhold’s Biomechanics Biomechanics is an approach to actor training and to theatre developed by Russian actor, director and teacher, Vsevolod Meyerhold during the 1920’ and 1930’s. This workshop presented by Ralf Rauker explored the technique that aims to “teach the body to think” by forging a connection between the mind and the body thus increasing awareness of the relationship of the inner movement, the space and the other actors in the ensemble.
Wed 6th – Sun 10th March


Activated Acrobalance – Nov 2012

Two weekend intensive workshops by circus professional Chris Mayhew, working on hoop diving, mini tramp, acrobalance and tumbling. He also delivered group team building exercises and worked on the students physical presentation and performance delivery.

The workshops culminated in the development of a performance shown at the Christmas Festival in York Street and the December Denmark Markets.