Theatre/Drama Stream

Drama at SEA is a highly interactive exploration of performance and performance styles allowing students to learn and develop into today’s actors. Sessions encourage participants to further their skills and confidence through development of the “actor’s tools,” voice, body and mind.

For the entry level sessions (Little Actors Club, Actors Club) we utilise theatre games and storytelling to bring out skills in characterisation, vocalisation and improvisation. Students will experience small ensemble/group work (3-5 members), single and multi-prop work, working with a small set, script work and character development. Members will lean valuable skills and performance techniques including interacting with audience, miming skills, stage presence and stage craft.
Actors have the opportunity to move into more challenging acting sessions as they develop their skills.

Senior actors are invited into our Theatre Ensemble group providing opportunities for participation in live performance events at SEA and in the broader community. During sessions, students will learn the following; creating different styles of plays/acts; learn and develop monologues; work in small and large ensembles; increase their stage craft; develop an ability to express personal identity, explore pertinent issues though a character or as self; street theatre/flash mob; devising characters hat will draw an audience in unusual settings.

Performance Project is open to all current members participating in any other class. An opportunity for young people to devise and make their own performances. This year SEA will be producing a play written by local emerging playwright, Sam Kemp.

Media is new to the 2017 program. In our film making class, get creative & learn skills with digital video cameras and editing software. This is your opportunity to produce a short film.

Puppet Craft may also be for you. If you’re interested in developing the skills above as well as constructing a variety of puppets, puppet staging, and puppet manipulation. Check out the Puppetry page for more information.

At different times SEA may run specialised workshops in clowning, puppetry, comedy, story telling and performance making. Physical Theatre skills can be developed at SEA by participating in circus, dance and drama.

Act-Belong-Commit Creative Capacity Sessions

Little Actors Club
Ages 6-8yrs | Artist: Leanne McLaughlin
Tuesday 4:00pm – 5:00pm | Green Room @ SEA
Cost: $110 per term

Actors Club
Ages 9-11yrs  | Artist: Leanne McLaughlin
Tuesday 5pm – 6pm | Green Room @ SEA
Cost: $110 per term

Theatre Ensemble
12yrs+ | Artist: Rachael Colmer
Tuesday 6pm – 7:30pm | Green Room @ SEA
Cost: $140 per term

Performance Project
Ages 12+ | Artist: Anne Sorensen
Monday 4pm – 6pm | Green Room @ SEA
Cost: $140

Let’s Go Impro
Ages 13-17 yrs | Artist: Leanne McLaughlin
Wednesday 4pm – 5.30pm | Green Room @ SEA
Cost: $140


Drama 18+
Ages 18 yrs+ | Artist: Leanne McLaughlin
Wednesday 5.30pm – 7pm | Green Room @ SEA
Cost: $140



Media – Film making
Ages 12+ | Artist: Merlin Moon
Thursday 4-7pm | Green Room @ SEA
Cost: $160


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Rachael Colmer – Drama

Anne Sorenson – Performance

Merlin Moon – Media