Southern Edge Arts is dedicated to providing quality arts education and experiences to the youth in our community. However, not everyone can participate in our programme due to financial difficulties. Therefore SEA has decided to initiate a Scholarship Programme. All donations raised will help a child become involved with SEA and develop many important skills. If you are able to donate to a worthy cause please consider Southern Edge Arts so that all children have a chance to engage in this wonderful company.

Let’s help build strong and healthy kids together!


In order for one child to have access to a Southern Edge Arts class for a Term, $120.00 is required. $120 buys 10 workshops with our talented tutors and allows the child an avenue for creative expression, interpersonal and confidence development and assists them to become part of the community. It is important for the youth in our community to ‘Act, Belong, Commit’ to the area where they live so that they can grow up and become an important and responsible member of the community.

The cost of supporting one child in a Southern Edge Arts programme:

$120 = 1 Term = 10 Workshops

$240 = 2 Terms = 20 Workshops

$560 = 4 Terms = 40 Workshops + an Intensive performance workshop

Please note that all donations to SEA’s Scholarship Programme are tax deductible and all donors can be acknowledged in our newsletter (or you can remain anonymous if you prefer).

Donations can be made by cash, cheque or by direct transfer to Southern Edge Arts donation account.

BSB: 633 000

Account: 130 688 278