Why are we asking for donations?

Southern Edge Arts is a not for profit community organisation. In order to stay true to our objectives, our programs are heavily subsidized to insure our service remains inclusive and accessible to children across the social and economic diversity.

Over the last couple of years, Southern Edge Arts has grown exponentially. We are now delivering over 21 workshops and engaging around 250 young people every week, which means that we are fast outgrowing our premises.

Staying ahead of all this growth draws upon our finances. This could be your time to give a little back.

How can I donate?

SEA is registered as a Deductible Gift Recipient, meaning that any ‘Gift’ (donations over $2) you make to Southern Edge Arts, you can claim against your taxable income, thereby reducing the amount of tax you have to pay. All you need to do is transfer over $2+ into the following account:

Southern Edge Arts
Donations Account
BSB – 633000
A/C – 130688278

Place your name in the “Description” box and, once you have alerted us to your generosity, we will prepare a receipt for you to attach to your tax return. We will also celebrate your donation through our membership, unless you inform us you wish to remain anonymous, mysterious even.

We are so very thankful to those few who have made larger donations (and the few who have made smaller) and urge all those who have not but probably could to consider donating or to donate on behalf of someone else as a gift to them.

If you have any questions, call the office and we will answer what we can.

Who will benefit?

Any benefit from your donation to Southern Edge Arts goes directly to members in the form of greater facilities and experiences.

Your donation will enable us to

  • maintain the current level of workshop fees
  • maintain safe and adequate workshop space for our current needs
  • secure permanent additional workshop space for future expansions
  • retain current and attract additional highly trained and skilled workshop trainers and tutors

Donations go into our Public Fund, managed by independent, responsible people, and can only be used to further the Objectives of our Association.

Southern Edge Arts Objectives

 Champion Creativity and Quality Arts Practice

  • Cultivate, foster and extend creativity within young people of the Great Southern region of Western Australia.
  • Develop opportunities for young people to express their creativity and tell stories that are relevant to them.
  • Engage in high quality performing arts experiences including but not limited to, theatre, circus, movement and music.
  • Provide high quality artistic experiences for members and audiences.

Develop Art-forms

  • Foster in young people a desire to explore, discover, invent and learn different ways of performing and provide opportunities for them to do so.
  • Explore and enhance the art and appreciation of the performing arts in young people.

Build Community and Encourage Diversity

  • Provide a focus for the performing arts community in the Great Southern Region and opportunities for professional development.
  • Stimulate participation, growth and development of young people engaging within the community and community events.
  • Advocate and demonstrate the vital role the performing arts plays in enriching lives and building healthy communities, relationships and intergenerational exchanges.
  • Foster within the community healthy self expression and social, physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Be inclusive of diversity and accessible to youth throughout the Great Southern region of Western Australia.
  • Foster opportunities for the expression and understanding of difference in all its forms, including cultural, linguistic, socio-economic and abilities.