Southern Edge Arts’ talented youth Theatre Troupe has tackled the very confronting and ever increasing issue of youth suicide with their latest play Take the Plunge presented by Act- Belong- Commit.

Brooklyn, Will and Lara are doing all that they can to piece back together lives following the loss of their dear friend Charlotte to suicide 12 months earlier. No one saw this coming and each of these characters battles with their grief and the questions arising from this, as
they attempt to make sense of this shocking event in different and confronting ways.

Told in the voice of youth today, at times sad, at times confronting with occasional moments of teenage humour; Take the Plunge emotionally resonated with audiences.

Importantly, playwright Sam Kemp is himself only 14. Kemp provides rare insight into the psyche of the notoriously private teenage mind, which often only divulges and confides fears to like-minded peers, keeping their despair cleverly hidden from others.

SEA Artistic Director, Tash Rolfe had this to say, “For someone of such tender years, Sam Kemp has scripted a complex work of incredible maturity, that SEA’s Theatre Troupe performs with extraordinary sensitivity. Take the Plunge is a provocative and moving
season of performance that will remain with you long after the performance ends. Its an important and relevant piece of work that is relevant to teenagers and their families.”



Performance Season

SEA 2014 Theatre Troupe:

Michaela Barker: Brooklyn
Cohen Augustson: Will
Sam Reeves: Dan
Katie O’Doherty: Lara
Jade Gilich: Chloe
Saskia Smart: Lara
Sam Kemp: Archer
Lauren Podobnik: Charlote
James Parkey: Student 1
Vincent Bush: Student 2
Tarquin Smart: The Teacher

Director: Simon Woodwood
Stage Manager: Tash Rolfe
Tech. Manager: Dave Nile

Shows: 28th – 30th Nov., 4th – 5th Dec. 2014.

Venue: Spectrum Theatre, Albany


“The thought-provoking production of Take The Plunge, written by their own 14-year-old Sam Kemp, was an absolute credit to the cast and crew, and while the topic might be sombre, the cast brought such realism and energy to the stage that it would be a great shame if the audiences did not fill Spectrum Theatre… This really is a memorable production” – Martin Hveissel, Letter to the Editor, Albany Advertiser, 2/12/14