Spider’s Web was a high energy hit of aerial circus, contemporary dance, animation and rock climbing, under a dazzling lighting design. Fresh from their experiences at the International Festival of Theatre by and with Young People in Sweden and Denmark in 2011, Director Simon Clarke and Choreographer Symantha Parr worked with circus director Beth O’Neill to guide the young members of SEA in the development of a visually rich and physically enchanting production, Spider’s Web.

The Story

A girl name Spider, loses her best friend forever, who has to move away. She gets really down and can’t see her way, even with her other friends and family trying to help her back up again. Eventually, she gets with a crowd who lead her into some big trouble. She sees her mistakes and tries to get back to her old life, but this means admitting she was wrong and none of us like doing that. Her family and friends forgive her, as she finds the strength to live life to the fullest.

The Style

The performance mixes aerial circus, dance and physical theatre to create a fun and entertaining performance for everybody to enjoy. The design has an urban decay and former glory kind of feel to it, like the old buildings you see in the city; steeped in history, but needing attention, the pre-loved look looking for a new beginning.


Young people in Albany worked with artist Poppy van Oorde-Grainger as part of YMCA Drug Aware Open Arts for two weeks to create a sand animation for the performance of Spider’s Web. The project was a partnership between headspace Great Southern, Project Reconnect, Great Southern Factor Inc, YMCA(Perth) and Southern Edge Arts with support from Healthway to promote the Drug Aware message.

The Dates

An initial creative development took place from April 27th to May 4th and a final rehearsal over the July school holidays (2011).
Southern Edge Arts Venue
77 Sanford Road Albany
Friday 22 July, 7pm
Saturday 23 July, 2pm & 7pm
Sunday 24 July, 2pm 2011

 Our Broome Tour

In the September School Holidays 2011 we took our young SEA Spiders on a trip of a lifetime to Broome WA. We linked in with The Sandfly Circus mob as well as Theatre Kimberley. The Sandflys joined in our workshops and became part of the Spider’s Web performance. Theatre Kimberley were 100% behind us and helped out when our gear went astray and was delayed as well as helping out in a myriad of ways. We must thank the Australia Council for the Community Partnerships grant that we received for making this tour possible.

Cast member Kiara Allan’s experience of the trip:
Traveling to Broome was an amazing opportunity for us all to experience something new and exciting. The trip, all in all was exhilarating. We made new friends, learnt some new tricks and we all bonded together as a team.

In Broome the weather was hot and we were tired, but we trained all day for two weeks. We started by getting to know the Sandfly members and developing connections with them. For the first few days it was mostly spent working out where everyone’s experience levels where and how we would all fit together to tell the story. Although we SEA spiders knew what the show represented and the story it told, the Sandfly members did not and we played different theatre games and exercises to tell it to them.

The performance came together over the two weeks and by the end of the second we where exhausted. We had collaborated well with our new friends and the performance showed this. I’m sure no one could tell that we had only know each other for a couple of weeks. Spider’s Web was performed in the Broome Senior High school gymnasium, which was lucky as it had air conditioning and everyone was pleased with that. The performances ran smoothly and we where all proud of the final result.

Then it came to saying goodbye. We had all formed a bond with each of the Sandfly performers, we where going to miss them. While in Broome we all grew and gained self-confidence within ourselves. The memories and life lessons we took from this trip will stay with us and influence our future endeavours.

Spider’s Web Video