Act-Belong-Commit Youth Devised Performance Season ‘Mind Over Matter’

SEA transformed the interior of the theatre in to the interior of the brain in the multi art form production created especially for Mental Health week. Staring the senior SEA members from Puppetry, Drama, Circus, Aerials, Street Acrobatics and Lighting & Sound Tech.

Developed for Express It, Amity Health’s week long festival of Arts and Mental Health, this youth devised performance brought together many of the art forms offered at Southern Edge Arts and took the audience on a physical and emotional journey through a brain.

Mind Over Matter showcased dreams, hopes, nightmares and memories that are stored in the brain from young children through to adulthood. Using circus, theatre, parkour and multi media, Mind Over Matter explored mindfulness and the role of the body mind in wellbeing and health for young people.


Tues 11th Oct.  |  6pm
Wed 12th Oct. |  6pm
Thurs 13th Oct. |  6pm
Sat 15th Oct. |  3pm


What People are Saying

“A very talented group of performers” – Audience member


“I enjoyed working with all the other students. I was fun to see circus, acro, dance, puppets and drama work together.” – Youth performer


Mind Over Matter

Street Acrobatics Mind Over Matter

Street Acrobats on the Scaffolding

Set Constuction Mind Over Matter

Set Construction day

Drama Mind Over Matter

Drama students

Circus and Drama Mind Over Matter

Circus wheel and Drama monologue

Puppetry Mind Over Matter

Puppeteers with their Monsters