77 on Sanford

Southern Edge Arts is housed at 77 on Sanford, a youth dedicated venue jointly occupied by PCYC and SEA. Our area contains a large circus space with customized high ceiling to allow for aerial rigging, a smaller studio for dance and drama workshops, and an (even smaller) office. The move into these professional facilities in 2003 set the foundation for SEA’s continuous growth and expansion.


77 on Sanford is home to the Circus, Drama and Street Acro workshop classes. With over 22 classes a week, every day is full of acrobatics, movement and creativity.

Circus, Street Acro and Dance classes operate in the main space called SEA Central. Drama classes take place in the SEA Studio.

Pupperty classes are at the Vancouver Arts Centre.

Check out the Workshop Venues page for more information about what we do where.

Venue Upgrade

In 2011 we secured funding to perform vital surgery on our beloved venue.

The installation of theatre grade drapes, along with winch lighting bars and improved seating, now enables transformation of the space into a higher-grade theatre capable of hosting a wider variety of performances. This offers audiences a great theatre experience and provides SEA members with a performance venue they can proudly inhabit for performances, showcase events, workshops and rehearsals. The upgrade also has provided a modular wooden dance floor appropriate for the health and safety of our members, as it was built to have some give in it when landed heavily upon.

We are truly thankful to our supporters in this project; namely, the Government of Western Australia, Royalties for Regions, the Great Southern Development Commission and Lotterywest. The investment in our infrastructure they have made through the granting of money for this project will have a lasting impact on our company, our members and our community. Thanks.